Wellness Institute Integrated Exercise Lifestyle

Integrated Exercise Lifestyle

When people start to tell the truth and look for simple answers to health and wellness questions, the best solutions are discovered.

The Wellness Institute for Economic Growth supports wellness programs that respond to people’s needs to make their bodies strong and, in turn, our economy.

Reams of data indicate that what the health and fitness industry has offered the public has failed to keep a large percentage of the population fit.

Gyms, various other facilities, and many interests in the health and fitness industry are offshoots of what athletes and body builders have historically used to achieve their goals. They are not for everyone.

The integrated exercise lifestyle describes a set of habits that allow an individual to as conveniently and intelligently as possible add movement to their day.

This suggestion marks a paradigm shift concerning how most people try, and often fail, to consistently incorporate into their day the kinds of movements that will keep the body strong. This lifestyle results in not only a way to more easily fit exercise into a modern schedule, but one can more effectively build and maintain a fit body doing so.

The Integrated Exercise Lifestyle is more efficient.

The World Health Organization recommends that people exercise for about ten minutes at a time and for up to 150 minutes per week. Exercising throughout the day is like eating small meals throughout the day. Steady, consistent activity will keep your metabolism elevated and lead to more efficient calorie expenditure. This in turn leads to the maintenance of a healthy and strong body.

Movement is medicine.

Use exercise when you are tired or cranky or even when you think it might be the last thing you can do. Try some light exercise or a light walk when you really feel like you can’t get going, and it will help you get through your day.