Our Work

Effective and economical wellness programs support the greatest performers in the family, workplace, and neighborhoods. The data as analyzed by leading statisticians and scientists support this approach – putting winners first!

The Wellness Institute for Economic Growth acknowledges that successful wellness programs are most effective when the greatest performers are asked to give the most. Peak performers are those who will stimulate a culture to become better!

Kairos Athletics

Kairos Athletics is a resource program supported by the Wellness Institute for Economic Growth. Kairos Athletics is developed by the founder of the WI4EG, Billy Lee, and a team of sports and conditioning experts. Kairos Athletics is a creation of the founder that has him “walking the walk, not just talking the talk” about being an active, high producing citizen in the community.

Great Day Show Project

The Great  Day Show Project features informative videos about achieving and maintaining health and wellness. Visit the Great Day Show Youtube channel.

Git ‘R Done Fitness

In line with the observations of leading experts, Git ‘R Done Fitness trains leaders and executives to understand the obstacles to total health in the United States. Git ‘R Done Fitness guides executives on a personal path to health and wellness revealing the precepts that founder, Billy Lee, has developed through the Wellness Institute for Economic Growth for 15 years.